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  • Whole Body Scanning for apparel and medical purpose
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Fit Mapping

During the design process, it is necessary to review the design by testing it in use; this is known as fit mapping. For apparel, knowing the anthropometry of your target customer and then testing fit of clothes on those human cases, leads to a vastly improved fit. SHARP Dummies can scan your model wearing the design in order to fine tune the fit. See diagram above.

Fit mapping tells you who a product fits well and who it does not. Fit effectiveness means that the desired population is accommodated without wasted sizes or wasted accommodation regions.

Anthropometry Services & Training

There has been considerable development in 3D body scanning that can be used to better capture variation of body shapes and sizes in population. Scanning can now be used in anthropometric surveys for garment sizing and in testing fit of existing garments on persons selected scientifically to best represent most people in a population.

SHARP Dummies can put you in touch with existing surveys so that you do not need to do your own survey; rather, we can find you vital information that will be of use to you that is already out there.

Whatever your anthropometry needs, SHARP Dummies can advise and train staff or measure people for you.

Educational Resources

You may want to bring your students in to look at the scanning facility and see where the future is; see where people are going in terms of industrial design.

Professionals looking to update their skills in the area of ergonomics and human factors may be interested in viewing the video or booking a viewing of the scanner in operation.

Whole Body Scanning for Apparel & Medical Purposes

A whole body scanner is a medical imaging instrument that captures the surface anatomy of a person. Precise body shape is essential in some medical applications, such as establishing volume, which we’re using in our breast reduction clinic. It can also be useful in treating burn victims. The scanner allows you to non-invasively and rapidly ascertain the surface area of the burn to enable growth of the correct amount of skin or to create compression garments for use of scar suppression. Alternately, it can be used for lymphodema patients to determine fluid in the limbs. There are many medical applications.

Scans can easily be used in computer aided design and rapid prototyping which reduces the guesswork in body surface measurements. Thus the scanner output becomes a design tool for both industrial and fashion design.

Defining your customer size and shape/fit

You can define what your population is, collect them together, scan them and extract the measurements that are required for your application. You can also have their 3-D body scans so their shape is available for analysis; you can then tailor your product to fit your target market.

Sometimes you need general information and that information already exists, in which case, you might want to use the general information to narrow it down to somebody that you think is representative of your customer group. You can then find someone that you think is representative of that group and you scan the individual.

You can test individuals out in the apparel and scan them before and after and make sure they have the performance characteristics that you were anticipating in your product.

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