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  1. What are the different types of mannequins?

    The first is a visual display mannequin; that’s the type that appears in shop windows and it’s used to exhibit clothing. It’s a merchandising type mannequin; usually it’s a highly stylized body shape meant to look attractive as its purpose is to sell clothes.

    The second type of mannequin is a dress maker’s dummy, which many people will be familiar with. That’s the adjustable dummy, which you can change size according to the pattern or person; this is most often used by home dress makers.

    The third type of mannequin is a work room mannequin; sometimes it’s referred to as ‘atelier’, which is French for work room, or an industrial fit model. This is designed as a type of fit model; it has traditionally been used in couturier in France and now it’s used as a fit verification tool for clothing manufacturing and retail development. This is the type of model we have; we have a high tech work room mannequin that’s designed as a specific tool to assist and assess in the fit of the production of clothing. The fourth is medical manikins.

  2. Who is a mannequin of use to? Why do we need it?

    The mannequin is mainly of use to people who are developing clothing for mass production. Although it’s a nice looking mannequin and you could use it for visual display, it’s not specifically made for that; it’s made for fit verification. The people who would use it would be anyone who was developing a pattern and then needing to test what the fit looked like on the end customer.

    The mannequin that we have at the moment is a ‘Sweet Spot’ mannequin; it’s been created using North American and Australian data. It would be best for any product development whose end customer was in North America, Australia or New Zealand. If you were trying to make for the Asian market, you would need a different mannequin that was representative of the Asian body shape. Our mannequin is a Western style body.

    Our mannequins are a particularly valuable tool to students as often they don’t have an accurate perception of what real bodies look like, instead it’s an idealized and unrealistic idea of people’s bodies. Our mannequins are an excellent ‘reality check’ in representing what real people actually look like.

  3. How easy are the mannequins to use?

    The mannequins are easy to use as you use them the same way you would other work room mannequins: they’re pinable, made from self-healing foam, light and easy to move around. They’re also provided on a fully adjustable stand; because the mannequins are industrial, they are designed for heavy use over many years.

  4. How are SHARP mannequins different to other mannequins?

    Our mannequins are better because they have a capacity to show shape as well as size. In the past, work room mannequins were simply stylized, average type shapes built on 1-D measurements; SHARP mannequins have been taken from a real scan of a real person. There were 4000 people scanned across North America and Europe and we selected a person who best represented the group of regular sizes of women; this is what our mannequin is based upon. So if you need to sell to the maximum amount of people in North American, Australia or New Zealand, this mannequin would be for you.

    Unlike other mannequins, SHARP mannequins are soft like a real person and have accurately shaped body parts which means they can be used to fit very tight garments, such as jeans, lingerie and dance attire, as well as regular garments.

  5. Do the mannequins come in different sizes?

    Unlike an adjustable mannequin, our mannequin matches industry practice, which is fitting of the base size, usually an 8, 10 or 12. Rather than stick rigidly to a size chart, we use real body data to ensure our mannequins represent the majority of customers. To ensure a true comparison, we can match the way our measurements are taken to your specification. The best thing to do is try out the mannequin with some of your best selling styles and see whether the size and shape fit with your brand.

  6. How do you get a SHARP mannequin?

    You can contact us vie email, letter or telephone; contact details can be found on our contact page. Once you’ve contacted us, we will send you an information package; as well, we will talk you through the mannequin’s features and how to use it. From there you can order over the telephone from us.

  7. Can I order online?

    You cannot order online at this point in time, though we hope to do so in the future. This is due to the variance in freighting costs. While there is a fixed cost for the mannequin, the cost of freighting will differ depending on where the product is going.

    To assist you, we can accept electronic payment (bank transfers).

  8. How long will it take to receive my SHARP mannequin once I’ve placed an order?

    Once you place your order it will take 12 weeks to manufacture and then will be shipped out immediately; the time will vary depending on where we need to freight the product to you from Australia.

  9. Do you offer discounts?

    Yes! We offer reduced prices if you buy multiple copies or you are an educational institution. Please contact us for further details.

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