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SHARP Dummies is a company dedicated to improving the fit of manufactured garments.

Much of our current focus is in the area of research and development into anthropometry and the application of good information to produce the best apparel mannequins.

SHARP Dummies is one of the founding members of the World Engineering Anthropometry Resource (WEAR), which networks experts across the globe in anthropometry, fit mapping (apparel), PPE, and design verification. The company has convened conferences locally for international organizations and has also been involved with international conferences.

Daisy Veitch

SHARP Dummies was founded in Adelaide in 1999 by Ms Daisy Veitch, winner of the Australian Wool Corporation's Young Designer of the Year Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Award for Young Australians. Her experiences include all stages of garment production - from design to the finished product.

Along with running SHARP Dummies, Daisy is involved in a variety of projects, including lecturing in anthropometry and industrial design at the University of South Australia; consulting to Flinders Medical Centre; and guest lecturing and speaking to various charities. Daisy has also been engaged by the Australian government to write a report on the use of anthropometry by designers in the Australian workplace.

Daisy has been invited to speak at numerous conferences worldwide, including Brazil, Canada, France, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

Her publications are on the topic of National Size and Shape Survey of Australians, bio-fidelic manikins, and data analysis for apparel sizing. For more information click here.

Daisy is currently a member of the World Engineering Anthropometry Resource (WEAR), the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA), International Ergonomics Association Technical Committee (IEA TC), the American Standards & Testing Materials (ASTM) D-13 Committee, and a member of the working group reviewing Australian Standards for clothing construction.

Daisy Veitch is currently enrolled in a PhD program at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands (TU Delft) in the specialist area of Medisign. Her broad title is, development of bio-fidelic (life-like) manikins to train people such as medical professionals to learn Clinical Breast Examination to facilitate early detection of breast cancer. The PhD will be earned by publication in peer-reviewed journals.

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